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INGLE Assurance is a truly Canadian health and travel insurance company that has been serving our fellow Canadians and visitors to Canada more than 60 years.

With the most inexpensive rates on the whole insurance market, INGLE Assurance will be ideal for those, who seek affordable means to protect their finances from unforeseeable medical costs.



INGLE: Super Visa Insurance
Super Visa insurance policies from INGLE are among the most affordable on the whole Canadian insurance market. In addition to a comprehensive health emergency coverage, INGLE provides you with an ease of online Super Visa insurance purchase.

super visa insurance
INGLE: Visitors to Canada Insurance
If you are a Tourist or a Visitor to Canada, you have a great opportunity to keep your money safe with a Visitors to Canada insurance plan from INGLE Assurance, if it comes to an immediate need for medical attention while you are enjoying Canada.

visitors to Canada insurance
INGLE: IEC Travel Insurance
International Experience Canada (IEC) program requires an adequate IEC travel insurance plan from all applicants to cover the costs for an immediate medical care, hospitalization and emergency home return, known as repatriation.

iec / working holiday insurance
INGLE: New Immigrants Insurance
If you are immigrating to Canada to settle in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec or New Brunswick and looking for a health insurance coverage to secure your financial stability while you are not eligible for a provincial health insurance program, New Immigrants insurance from INGLE will be an affordable way to do so.

new immigrants insurance
INGLE: Foreign Workers Insurance
Temporary Foreign Workers, who are travelling to Canada and plan to stay in British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick or Quebec, may opt for a Foreign Workers insurance plan offered by INGLE Assurance to stay safe during the waiting period to receive the provincial medical insurance card.

foreign workers insurance
INGLE: Insurance for Returning Canadians
Health insurance for Returning Canadians offered by INGLE is a simple and affordable way to secure your finances from the costs for an emergency medical care, while you are awaiting the restoration of your provincial health insurance plan in Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia or Quebec.

returning canadians insurance





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