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The Destination: Travel Group Inc. is a proud Canadian travel, visitors to Canada and
student insurance provider since the early 1990s.

With such competitive price and insurance coverage, Destination Canada will be among the
best companies on the whole Canadian insurance market.



Destination Canada: Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa Insurance is easy and affordable with Destination Canada!

All you need to do is to select the amount of coverage you need and you can start enjoying the benefits provided for all Super Visa applicants, who choose to get their insurance plan with the Destination.

super visa insurance
Destination Canada: Visitors to Canada Insurance

Visitors to Canada insurance by Destination Canada is one of the most inexpensive and, yet, complex insurance policies you can find on the market.If you are travelling to Canada to enjoy its beauty and culture, treat yourself with a right kind of protection for unexpected medical emergencies.

visitors to Canada insurance
Destination Canada: IEC / Working Holiday Insurance

IEC Travel Insurance provided by Destination Canada is an inexpensive protection against unnecessary medical care costs, while you stay in Canada under an International Experience Canada work visa.

iec / working holiday insurance
Destination Canada: New Immigrants Insurance

As a Canadian New Immigrant, you may not be able to enjoy our provincial health care plans right away in case you settle in BC, ON, QC or SK.Yet, you may always find an inexpensive medical insurance policy for New Immigrants to Canada offered by Destination Canada in order to keep you covered during the initial waiting period for the government medical care card.

new immigrants insurance
Destination Canada: Foreign Workers Insurance

If you are about to come to Canada and more specifically to Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan or British Columbia as a Temporary Foreign Worker, you may not be covered by the government health insurance plan right away.That is why, Destination Canada has designed a Health Insurance plan for Foreign Workers, which will take care of the possible emergency treatment expenses you may have, while you are not eligible for the provincial health care coverage.

foreign workers insurance
Destination Canada: Insurance for Returning Canadians

Are you a resident of Canada, whose government health insurance plan has been put on hold due to a long term stay abroad? If that’s the case you have a wonderful opportunity to protect your finances and avoid paying the costs for a necessary medical care, while your provincial insurance is reactivated.

returning canadians insurance
Destination Canada: Insurance for International Students

Destination Canada has introduced a special plan to give International Students a warm welcome to Canada with a health insurance policy to cover your necessary medical care needs.

insurance for international students
Destination Canada: Insurance for Canadian Students

The Destination Travel Group Inc. has a wonderful option for Canadian Students, who are travelling to study outside Canada.Travel health insurance for Canadian Students abroad is among the most inexpensive means to protect yourself and your financial well-being studying away from home!

insurance for canadian students





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