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Why do I need an insurance broker? What’s the difference between a broker and an insurer? Will I pay more for extra services? These are the questions that come up frequently with people not familiar with the insurance industry.

We work for you and not for the insurance company.

When you deal directly with the insurer your options will almost certainly be limited. You will not have multiple products to choose from and insurer’s representatives don’t know what other products are available on the market. And the person you will speak to with have his company’s best interest in mind.

As brokers we work for our clients. We make sure that clients get the best possible coverage and we have a huge selection of plans. There are no extra fees involved- just extra service!

Why work with us?

And here’s what makes us stand out from other insurance brokers out there.

We work with multiple companies.

On our website you can compare not only quotes but also coverage offered by Canadian insurance providers. This allows you to see all the benefits side by side with multiple companies. This makes it a lot easier to select the company you want to go with.

We offer full range of services.

We provide insurance for new immigrants, visitors, Super Visa holders, IEC/Working holiday visa holders as well as life, disability, critical illness and health and dental plans. We also maintain a referral network so if you need help with buying a house, immigration questions, or car insurance questions – let us know and we will help out!

We are constantly improving to provide better and more affordable services

To make things easier for our clients we offer most services online. You can now purchase, extend and cancel your policy online. This is crucial if you need the coverage as soon as possible or need to make an urgent adjustment without having to speak to an agent.

You are also able to email quotes to yourself and save benefit comparison for future use.

We have an online chat on our website – you can now speak to an insurance advisor about your concerns without having to call at all. If you do decide to call you can use our instant call back feature.

We offer professional advice (licensed insurance agent instead of customer service rep)

When you deal with the insurance company directly you usually talk to a customer service rep. With other company you get services of licensed insurance agents fully trained in offering a wide range of insurance products.

We are open on weekends.

We are constantly expanding out business hours to accommodate clients both from Canada and internationally. We are open Saturday and Sunday and hope to be open 24/7 seven days a week in the near future!

We work closely with immigration consultants

We’ve been in business for a long time and have built a team that can support you all the way starting from your visa application. Just contact us if you need help with your immigration queries and we’ll help you sort it out.

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