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Last updated on November 22nd, 2016

Use sharp shopping skills:

• Compare gas prices in your area. Use websites like Gasbuddy.com to comparison shop. There might be considerable difference within the 5 km radius at different times of the day or night.
• Consider buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle. There are a few good options on the market and most people choose from Toyota Prius or Honda Civic.
• Avoid buying highest octane of gasoline if your car can run on lowest grade. Check the owner’s manual for more details.

Drive smarter:

• Avoid speeding and frequent stops. Once on the highway, stay within the speed limits – gas mileage decreases above 95 km per hour. Use of cruise control on a highway can reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 35%.

• Lighten the load in your trunk and roof racks if you do not need them for the trip. Extra weight increases fuel consumption and the drag.
• Use air conditioning when absolutely required as it increases fuel consumption by nearly 10%.
• One minute of idling is equal to starting the car in terms of fuel consumption.

Keep your car regularly maintained:

• Regular oil changes and checkups will keep your vehicle running smoothly. For example, even a clogged air filter can reduce fuel economy by nearly 10%.
• Keep your tires properly inflated and fix any air leaks in a timely manner. Deflated tires can increase the fuel consumption up to 15% and contribute to unsafe handling.
• Stop at the full mark when filling in gas as extra fuel will spill or seep out.

Take advantage of point system rewards:

• Check if your grocery store use rewards cards that offer discounts. Some gas stations also offer loyalty cards with discounts on gas and other merchandise.
• Get a credit card geared to rewarding you for gas purchases. For example, Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite.

Shorten you commute to work

• Consider finding a job closer to home. Others alternatively choose to move to a house closer to work based on your own work or family circumstances.

Plan your errands for efficient use of gas and time

• Plan to make fewer trips by efficiently planning the route and the time of the trip.
• Prioritize the items on your list based on mileage and according to the best route to take when driving to save gas and time.

Find cheaper alternatives:

• Carpool. Whether it is getting to work with your coworkers or taking turns driving children from school, it cuts the fuel costs.
• Use public transportation. It saves thousands of gas dollars per year and the environment!
• Ride your bike or walk. There is a health benefit in these types of transportation, not only savings.

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