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Last updated on February 4th, 2020

Insurance is one of the most essential things you should look before you take your trip. First of all- all IEC participants are required to have it. Moreover it should satisfy some basic requirements- cover medical care, hospital stay and repatriation.

IEC Travel Insurance is different than other kinds of travel or visitors insurance. When searching for insurance quotes most travel insurance plans cover people who only stay abroad for short periods of time. It should be designed for young people, therefore more affordable, and cover for long periods of time. This is important since most IEC visas are 1 or 2 years in duration.

IEC Insurance should also cover specific types of work you will be doing. A typical travel insurance policy with no add ons will not cover sports injuries or specific work injuries if not disclosed to the insurance company. In this case your policy can be voided and you will not receive reimbursement. Travel insurance companies may not be willing to cover you unless your trip starts and end in your home country. You should always check the small print prior to getting a travel insurance policy.

Don’t go for the first plan you find on the internet or get offered by a travel agent. Carefully review and compare what multiple companies offer and select the best one. People who are into sports should make sure your policy covers skiing, snowboarding, skydiving etc. Some travel companies will offer such coverage as an add-on some will already have it included- check the policy wordings!

Another important factor is the option to extend your policy while in Canada – or even purchase a new one while away. Not a lot of companies will have this option so it is a good idea to make sure it’s covered. Returning to home country for a brief family visit or other event- can effectively cancel your coverage. You can find a policy that will allow you to return home and go back to Canada without any coverage interruption.

Our clients find that insurance policies from Travelance Essential or Travelance Premier suit their interests the best. Travelance offers coverage for up to 2 years with a possibility of extension when needed. It covers all aspects needed for Working Holiday Insurance- coverage for medical care, hospitalization and repatriation. Moreover it has coverage for sports and side trip to other countries.

Some applicants may qualify for provincial health care. That depends on the province you are going to as well as your job and visa specifics. Not all visitors will be able to go on provincial health care and there are some exclusions. First of all, most provincial plans don’t start right away- there’s a waiting period of several months (usually 3) during which you are ineligible. Second, provincial plans don’t cover repatriation so you may want to look into a separate coverage with a private company in order to satisfy all IEC requirements. Dental care, prescription medications, eye care are not included in provincial health plans.

Some provincial health care plans allow you to apply under certain conditions – making some people ineligible. Seasonal workers for example, are almost always excluded from provincial plans. BC Medical Plan is quite expensive anyway – monthly premiums start at $70 per months so it can be quite more expensive than a policy from a private company. Same situation can be observed in Ontario as well.

Even if you are planning on going on provincial coverage you still need travel insurance to enter Canada. If the border officers check whether you have insurance or not, they may shorten your visa if you don’t satisfy their requirements. It’s up to the point of entry officer whether to check it or not.

In case you are looking to compare different policies online and speak to a representative – check out our IEC Travel Insurance section on our website.

There are multiple ways to save on your trip but insurance is definitely not the case.

Visit our website today and speak with an experienced Insurance Advisor regarding the way to secure your financial stability and personal safety being away from home.

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