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Last updated on January 13th, 2020

Summer travel season is quickly approaching and many are about to hit the road. Chances are they think they’re covered by their credit card or group plans—but many are not aware  that not all policies are created equal.  It’s important to understand the benefits of purchasing comprehensive travel insurance.

Here are some important things you should find out before you embark on your journey:

– What’s the maximum amount of travel insurance coverage?
– Will the coverage of the people travelling with you be the same as yours?
– Are you covered for pre-existing medical conditions? Does your age affect coverage? What’s the stability period?
– While on vacation, are you covered if you parasail, scuba dive or bungee jump?
– Who do you call in an emergency? Will you be penalized if you don’t call your assistance provider immediately?
– Do you have an insurance certificate with plan details and know where it is?

Specifically for credit card plans:

– Do you have to pay for the trip in full with your credit card to be covered?
– What’s the maximum number of days covered for one trip?
– Does the plan offer Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption?

Specifically for group plans:

– Does the plan provide Trip Cancellation or reimburse you if you need to return early due to a family emergency?
– Will the plan coordinate payment with the provincial government or pay the hospital directly?
– If you lose your luggage in transit, is it covered?

You should feel confident that your travel insurance meets your needs.

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