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21st Century Travel Insurance Limited is a Canadian Insurance Agency underwritten by Manulife Financial. It is a relatively new company on the Canadian insurance market that offers you flexible medical coverage with comprehensive health benefits options for Super Visa, IEC/Working Holiday and Visitors to Canada including Temporary Foreign Workers, Returning Canadians, New Immigrants and Tourists.

Monthly Plan: Effective December 7, 2022 – Monthly Payment Plans for Super Visa insurance policies are once again being officially accepted by IRCC.


21 Century: Super Visa Insurance
21 Century offers one of the greatest deals with a comprehensive medical emergency coverage for Super Visa insurance among other Canadian insurance providers.

As health emergency insurance is one of the main Super Visa Canada program requirements, 21 Century has introduced a custom insurance plan that will suit all your specific needs and will totally be accepted by the IRCC.

super visa insurance
21 Century: Visitors to Canada Insurance
As Canadian Tourists and other Visitor types, you have a unique chance to secure yourself against high costs for the Canadian healthcare services with Visitors to Canada travel emergency insurance coverage from 21 Century.

21 Century Visitors to Canada insurance provides the necessary coverage for hospitalization, ambulance and medical specialists services, prescription drugs, dental repair and much more!

visitors to Canada insurance
21 Century: IEC Travel Insurance
International Experience Canada program requires its participants to obtain an adequate travel medical insurance coverage before coming to Canada.

21 Century provides comprehensive health coverage satisfying all program requirements for IEC/Working Holiday visa holders.

iec / working holiday insurance
21 Century: Travel Insurance for Canadians

Canadian Citizens as well as Temporary and Permanent Residents, who are enrolled in the government medical insurance program are welcomed to protect their financial stability with Travel Insurance by 21 Century.

21 Century Travel Insurance lets you choose the benefits you need on your trip from both medical and non-medical emergency coverage options such as Trip Cancellations / Trip Interruptions, Baggage Damage or Loss as well as All-inclusive packages.

travel insurance
21 Century: New Immigrants Insurance
If you are a coming to stay in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Quebec or Ontario as New Immigrant to Canada, you will not be able to enjoy the Canadian healthcare system in full for another 90 days due to a waiting period before your provincial medical insurance plan will be active.

21 Century health insurance for New Immigrants to Canada will take care of your immediate medical needs for these 3 months, as you will be too busy making Canada your new home!

new immigrants insurance
21 Century: Foreign Workers Insurance

21 Century has introduced a special health insurance policy for Foreign Workers in Canada to cover your medical emergency expenses, while you are not protected by the government healthcare plan.

foreign workers insurance
21 Century: Insurance for Returning Canadians

Residents of Canada, who are returning from a trip to British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick may be subjected to a 3-month waiting period before using the government medical care coverage.

With 21 Century medical emergency insurance for Returning Canadians, you will no longer worry about the costs for an immediate medical attention you may need during the waiting period.

returning canadians insurance





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