GMS Health & Dental Insurance for Canadians

GMS offers various Health & Dental Insurance plans.
Explore the various plans and choose the one
you believe is right for you.

An Individual Health Plan from GMS is a simple, affordable way to shield yourself and your family from unexpected financial burden due to health care expenses not covered by the provincial coverage. These plans will cover you for everyday health needs, as well as prescription drug and dental expense

With GMS you get to choose from 3 different health plans and then customize the coverage with different options, such as dental, Basic or Enhanced prescription Drugs and Annual Travel Coverage.

The most comprehensive plan with extensive health benefits coverage including physiotherapy, massage therapy, vision care and preferred hospital.

•Eye Exams – $90 per 2 years
•Eye Glasses & contact lenses – $200 per 2 years
•Health practitioners – $35 per visit (maximum $300 per specialty)
•Ambulance/Air Ambulance – Unlimited
•Custom made foot orthotics – 80% (1 per 3 years for adults)
•Orthopedic shoes – $225
•Preferred hospital rooms – 45 days to $3,500
•Casts & Crutches – Unlimited
•Accidental Dental – $5,000 per injury

Provides all the essential benefits of a BasicPlan plus a comprehensive coverage with a wide range of benefits including eye exams and glasses, medical supplies & equipment and a variety of health specialists.

•Eye Exams – $90 per 2 years
•Eye Glasses & contact lenses – Included in Eye Exams limit
•Health practitioners – $35 per visit (combined maximum $250)
•Ambulance/Air Ambulance – Unlimited
•Custom made foot orthotics – 80% (1 per 5 years for adults)
•Orthopedic shoes – $225
•Preferred hospital rooms – $1,000
•Casts & Crutches – Unlimited
•Accidental Dental – $2,000 per injury

Basic Plan
Covers the essentials that are not covered by the provincial plan at very low prices. Included in the coverage are preferred hospital rooms, accidental dental, ambulance and casts and crutches.

•Ambulance – $2,000
•Air Ambulance – Unlimited
•Preferred Hospital Rooms – $500
•Casts & Crutches – Unlimited
•Accidental Dental – $500 per injury

Eye Exams$90/2 years$90/2 yearsn/a
Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses$200/2 yearsIncluded in Eye Exams limitn/a
Health Practitioners$35/visit, maximum $300 per specialty$35/visit, $250 combined maximumn/a
Hearing Aids$800/5 years$500/5 yearsn/a
Health Supplies & Equipment$500$500n/a
Diabetic Supplies & Equipment$300$300n/a
Oxygen Equipment$500/year; $2,500 lifetime maximum$500/year; $1,500 lifetime maximumn/a
Blood Pressure Monitors1/policy/5 years1/policy/5 yearsn/a
Orthopedic Shoes$225$225n/a
Mobility Aids$300$300n/a
Ostomy Supplies$300$300n/a
Funeral Expenses$4,000n/an/a
Out-of-Province Referral$50,000 lifetime maximum/person$50,000 lifetime maximum/personn/a
Air AmbulanceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Casts & CrutchesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Preferred Hospital Rooms45 days to $3,500$1,000$500
Private Duty Nursing80% to $5,00080% to $3,00080% to $1,500 (in-hospital only)
In-Hospital Drugs$2,000$1,000$1,000
Accidental Dental$5,000/injury$2,000/injury$500/injury
Wheelchairs, Motorized Scooters & Adjustable Beds$1,000/person/5 years$750/person/5 years$500/person/5 years
Artificial Limbs, Eyes & Larynx$5,000$5,000$5,000
Patient Walkers80% to $300/person/5 years80% to $300/person/5 years80% to $300/person/5 years
Breast Prosthesis$325 single; $650 bi-lateral/2 years$325 single; $650 bi-lateral/2 years$175 single; $350 bi-lateral/2 years

Additional Coverage

Prescription DrugPayment up to $3,500 for formulary drugs.
Prescription Drug EnhancedPayment to an overall maximum of $5,000 for prescription drugs and oral contraceptives. Includes $800 for pre-existing medications.
Dental CarePreventative Care, Basic and Major Services.
Hospital Cash$100 per day up to a maximum of $3,000 per policy year.
Annual TravelOut-of-country and out-of-province coverage – $2,000,000; 15, 30 or 48 days

Who needs Individual Health and Dental plans

If you don’t have extended group benefits from work or if you are self employed:
A GMS Individual Health Plan is a great way to supplement your provincial coverage if you do not have coverage from your employer or if you are a business owner or self employed.

People who are leaving a Group Plan:
You can effortlessly transition to GMS individual plan from any insurer’s group plan and stay covered for what you need the most.

If are retired or are planning to retire soon, you are most lively not covered by any group insurance. Make sure you get coverage from GMS for unexpected health problems and emergencies, and for many health expenses that are not covered by provincial and territorial plans.