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Pacific Blue Cross is a West coast division of the well-known Canadian health and travel insurance provider Blue Cross Canada that has been taking care of visitors and residents of British Columbia and Yukon for several decades.

visitors to canada insurance

Pacific Blue Cross: Super Visa Insurance

Travelers, who are planning to enjoy the beauty of British Columbia and Yukon are very welcome to get insured with Visitors to Canada Insurance delivered by Pacific Blue Cross.

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iec / working holiday insurance

Pacific Blue Cross: IEC / Working Holiday Insurance

International Experience Canada (IEC) is a wonderful opportunity for the international youth to travel and work in Canada. Let IEC / Working Holiday Travel Insurance by Pacific Blue Cross take care of your medical needs within BC and Yukon, if you need to see a medical specialist.

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new immigrants insurance

Pacific Blue Cross: New Immigrants Insurance

As a New immigrant to British Columbia, you will not be able to enjoy medical benefits of the BC MSP for about 3 months due to a waiting period.

Don’t worry as Pacific Blue Cross has got you covered with a temporary Health Insurance for New Immigrants!

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foreign workers insurance

Pacific Blue Cross: Foreign Workers Insurance

Temporary Foreign Workers coming to settle in British Columbia are not insured under the Provincial Medical Insurance Plan right away as there is an approximately 3-month waiting period.

Yet, you can get the protection you need at an affordable price with Foreign Workers Insurance offered by Pacific Blue Cross!

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insurance for returning canadians

Pacific Blue Cross: Insurance for Returning Canadians

If you are a resident of British Columbia heading back home from a lengthy trip, your BC Medical Service Plan might have been put on hold.

Yet, getting through a 3-month waiting period should not be worrisome for you as Pacific Blue Cross has a special solution for you such as Health Insurance for Returning Canadians!

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health & dental insurance

Pacific Blue Cross: Health & Dental Insurance

Pacific Blue Cross is not only about travel insurance. As residents of Yukon and British Columbia, you can fill the gaps in your provincial medical plan with a Health and Dental Insurance supplements available separately as well as in bundles!

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