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Title: QA-Test Engineer
Location: Remote from your home office


Our team is looking for an independent and experienced QA-Test Engineer with a passion for finding creative solutions and a strong work ethic.

Position Summary:

The general purpose of this position is to have a dedicated person who is able to employ QA practices and tools to implement tests, debug and develop necessary corrective procedures.

Namely, you will look through detailed logs to help find errors and document them, test to prove such errors or bugs exist as well as sort through code to help trace said errors back to its root.

It’s Operations rather than Development.
It’s Testing rather than Engineering (although it does require a certain degree of QA engineering skill).
It’s problem solving and learning the ins and outs of our platform.
It’s always being on top of your task providing support for related issues.

Duties & Responsibilities:

– Work with developers to understand more about the product, its key features and who will use it.

– Run functionality tests, customer scenario testing, stress testing, performance testing, scalability testing and international testing. The ultimate goal is to iron out any bugs and improve the quality of the finished product.

– Conduct tests on all primary user scenarios to determine whether they works for all intended audiences.

– Dive into whether the product correctly operates with other products (hardware and software).

– Aim to protect users and the business from flawed design, confusing UX/UI, functionality bugs, security and privacy issues and so forth.

– Focus on the actual usage and system experience, deal with potential ambiguity in requirements and communicating with us about the problems you encounter.

Knowledge, Skills & Ability:

– 3+ years of experience in Manual testing;
– 1+ years of experience in Automated testing;
– Version control systems (GIT);
– API testing experience using tools like Postman;
– Task Management / Bug Tracking (Jira);
– Experience with web debugging tools;
– Highly-developed problem solving skills;
– Being able to write and run test scripts, set up test environments and VMs for platform testing;
– Being able to write test plans, create and execute test cases;
– Extreme attention to detail and a meticulous approach to testing;
– A well-developed vision of what an excellent piece of software should be;
– A good understanding of the scrum framework

Please note that testing experience in manual, automatic, and usability is necessary.

Technical Knowledge:

Experience with the following technologies and tools:
Selenium,, Javascript, JIRA, Jenkins, Postman, VirtualBox, git, HTML, CSS, JSON, Webdriver.IO, Laravel, PHP.

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