Buy Canadian Travel Visitors Canada Insurance Online

Buy Canadian Travel Visitors Canada Insurance Online
Travel Insurance is designed for Residents as well as Citizens of Canada traveling abroad and to other provinces across the country.

Residents of Canada have medical coverage under their provincial health plans. When they travel outside of Canada they need coverage as well, especially when they are travelling to the United States of America.

Trip planning requires you to put a lot of effort to ensure that everything is prepared. However, people often underestimate the importance of having a medical insurance being a long way from home. That is why we recommend you to use our Free On-line Travel Insurance Calculator to choose the most suitable insurance package according to your specific needs.

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Even though the Canadian health care system is one of the best in the world it is expensive if you do not have insurance coverage. Without emergency medical coverage you would pay a lot of money out of your own pocket, as hospitals can charge thousands of dollars per day. The Canadian Residents have medical coverage under their provincial health plans.

New immigrants to Canada will have to wait for some time (normally 3 (three) months for in such provinces as British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec) before being covered by a provincial health plan. Canadian Residents as well as Citizens returning to Canada after living abroad also have to wait for about 3 (three) months before they restore their provincial medical coverage.
Moreover, Visitors to Canada, except for Super Visa applicants, may have medical coverage from their home country or arrange for private insurance package in Canada. It can either be done before or after a visitor arrives in Canada. In the latter case there is normally a short waiting period for sickness ranging from a few hours to a few days.
Uninsured Visitors to Canada who are coming to see their relatives might have an unfortunate experience if there is a medical emergency. They will have to put their money towards medical bills, instead of paying for their children’s education, their retirement funds or they will have to start limiting their lifestyle for some time. Others might even have to postpone buying their house due to huge medical bills.

We encourage you not only to purchase travel insurance, but to examine your options carefully. We provide affordable Travel Insurance coverage for the Canadian Residents and Citizens travelling abroad and across the country, non-Canadian tourists visiting Canada, returning Canadians, those without provincial health care coverage, New Immigrants, as well as visitors to Canada under Work or Student visas.

We also offer group rates for International Students. We will be happy to help you choose the appropriate insurance plan as well as explain your Travel Insurance options, and ensure you get the coverage you need.

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