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Providing your employees with wide-ranging benefits plan demonstrates that you are highly interested in their protection, wellness, security, and future.

Your company will also gain a competitive edge and retain employees!

Arbetov Insurance is here to ensure you get the right benefits plan for you and your employees. We will make sure to find a plan that will balance the benefits desires of your employees with the price your company can afford. You plan will be designed based on the specific needs of your business.

Getting your employees insured:

-Attracts and retains employees

-Increases productivity

-Enhance your business image

-Premiums are tax deductible

*According to “Sanofi Aventis” Healthcare Survey, almost 60% of Canadians would choose their benefits plan, over a $10,000 annual salary increase!

Our company is proud to offer to you Group Insurance products that will meet all your needs and requirements. As we understand the uniqueness of your company, we can design plans in accordance with your company’’s nature of business and functionality. Plans may include: extended health care benefits, dental care benefits, disability benefits, critical illness benefits, accidental death and dismemberment benefits, basic and optional life insurance benefits, and more. You can decide and customize your own plan!

Our company is in partnership with all leading insurance providers in Canada.
In order to receive approximate quotes for the plan and develop potential pricing strategy please be ready to provide following details about your company:

  • The exact nature of your business
  • Number of employees to be insured, their occupation, date of birth, gender, salary, coverage (single or family)
  • Benefits you would like to include in to the plan.

Forms can be downloaded from our website or requested by email.


Healthcare and Dentalcare Benefits
Dental and Health care are vital components of any group benefit plan. Health and Dental benefit plan will help you to pay for professional services that are not covered by your provincial health plan.

Dentalcare Benefits

With Dental Care included into the plan your plan members and their dependents will be helped to cover the cost of dental services and supplies provided by licensed specialists. Coverage may include but not limited to:
Minor restorations – fillings, prefab crowns for primary teeth, and other services completed in conjunction with minor restorations
Periodontics – treatment of gums
Endodontics – root canal therapy
Crowns and onlays
Dentures and bridges
Replacements when the existing appliance is five or more years old
Related items such as posts, pins and denture-related surgery

Comprehensive Healthcare Plans

Comprehensive healthcare plan is available for the plan members including dependants and retirees.

Prescription Drug Coverage

The plan offers coverage that allows plan members to manage their drug plan benefits.

Insurance and Services for Serious Illnesses

Medical services and financial support for the plan members in case of their critical illness. The plan helps to focus attention on recovery rather than on financial aspects, such as spending on drugs, associated with illness.

Travel Medical Coverage

Essential plan for those whose work associated with frequent business trips or just personal trips. Support and coverage in case of medical emergency situation during the trip is guaranteed in any part of the world.

Healthcare Spending Accounts

This benefit helps to reduce treatment-related expenses not covered by traditional group benefit plans in a tax-effective way.

Medical Reimbursement Plans

Additional coverage created to supplement group healthcare ad dentalcare coverage in a tax effective way.

Healthcare for People About to Retire: Prelude

Recommend yourself as a generous and caring employer. Secure your retiring plan members with Healthcare for People About to Retire plan which will help them to protect themselves against the cost of unforeseen healthcare expenses. Plan members can design the plan and choose benefits that are important for them and their dependants.

Wellness & Disability Programs
This program offers you options to deal with such issues as employees presenteeism, absenteeism and other health-related issues, rising benefit costs. Integrated workplace programs on disability and wellness management can help your company to maintain healthy work environment.

Disability Insurance Plans

Plan members receive income to pay medical expenses for disability. Available in two options – short- and long-term. Replace a percentage of the plan member’s earnings

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits
Life and Accidental Death insurance provides relatives and dependants of plan members with financial support in event of tragic death and accidents. The coverage amount may vary and depend on multiple of plan member’s annual salary or specific amount stated.
Life Insurance
Offers financial benefits to plan members and their families in the event of death of the plan member.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Provides financial support after accidental loss of a limb, use of a limb, sight, hearing, speech or life. In case of death benefits can be paid to the beneficiary.

International Benefits Plans
If you are a multinational company with employees working in (or from) more than one country, we can help you tailor a benefits solution to meet your particular needs in these situations:

1. You are based in Canada and need group benefits for:
Expatriates – a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of the person’s upbringing or legal residence.
Inpatriates – returning expatriates who are satisfying a waiting period to be eligible for provincial health care coverage, or foreign employees working for a Canadian business in Canada.
Third country nationals (TCN) – citizens of one foreign country employed and working in a second foreign country for a Canadian company.
Foreign nationals – foreign employees working in their own country for a division or subsidiary of a Canadian business.

2. You are based outside Canada and are looking for group benefits for your Canadian operation.

3. You are a global employer with benefit plans in various countries.

Your employees working outside of Canada can rely on the plan benefits in any part of the World.

Group Plan Benefits Solutions for Small Business
Every client is valuable for us. Even small organizations with 3 to 35 employees can benefit from the specially designed Small Business Group Benefit package – a comprehensive option that can sustain and develop your business success. The package will reduce costs in comparison with individual insurance plans; in addition, your premium may be tax-deductable as a business expense.
Secure your employees today by providing them with financial security and increase their morale, productivity and loyalty to your company!

Small Business Group Benefit package designs:

For organizations with three or four plan members, the package must include:
Accidental death and dismemberment
Employee life insurance
And, as a minimum, one of the following:
Short-term disability
Long-term disability

For organizations with between five and 35 plan members, the package must include:
Employee life
And, as a minimum, one of the following:
Short-term disability
Long-term disability

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